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Billing Choices

We have a number of bill choices available.

Choose to save clutter and paper by going paperless and get your bills sent direct by email or view them online. Or if you’re more traditional and want a printed bill sent to you in the post, you can choose one of our paper bill options.

Just choose the type of bill you’d like to receive, depending on what you need

Paperless Bill Options

Email Bill

Email Bill is the easy way to receive your bill. It’s just like a normal paper bill but sent directly to the email address of your choice, allowing you to receive it sooner. You can view your bills from anywhere you access your email. Plus you get the convenience of an electronic version of your bills - which is handy for claiming expenses and preparing tax refunds.

Save clutter and paper by activating Email Bill today.

Online Bill

Online Billing provides convenient and secure access to your account and makes viewing, managing and paying Telstra bills easy and efficient. You can view calls yet to be billed, check your mobile data usage, change your plan and more. We will notify you by email or SMS when your bill is ready to be viewed, due for payment or overdue.

Online Billing can be accessed on your computer as well as on your compatible mobile1.

Paper Bill Options

Summary Bill

At around two paper pages long, Summary Bill is easy to read and contains a breakdown of your charges and billing details. If you would like to see a detailed list of your local and other calls you can use Online Billing.

Detailed Bill

Detailed Bill is a paper bill that offers full itemisation for timed calls (eg. mobile and STD®), untimed calls (eg. local calls and SMS). You can also access an itemised list of all your bill charges via Online Billing.

Things you need to know

To see a range of affordability options and find out about the Government Telephone Allowance, visit Access for Everyone

1. Next G™, 3G or 2.5G mobile handsets that support WAP 2.0 or XHTML.